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HORAC Nepal also re-connects the children with their original family members. The children belonging to the war affected areas are taken by HORAC under its protection for particular temporary time being; providing them with food and accommodation, homely environment, love, care, protection and education for time being and then understanding the importance of family, they are reintegrated with their original family members.

HORAC Nepal studies accesses all the details of the family and their ability to take care of their children once again. Constant monitoring is done afterwards regarding the progress of the reintegration and its success.

Our Projects

HORAC (Home for Rescue of the Afflicted Children) has its primary objective of providing the children's with us with a home of love and care where they can really feel safe secured and cared of.

Nowadays health care and medical services in the orphanage home are taken as a major concern subject.

As the title indicates, thisis a request to become a monthly sponsor forone of the children living in HORAC Nepal. We have 32 children in HORAC, and it is our goal to find a sponsor for each child.

Some of our children are very good in media sector. They can dance really beautiful and sing in a beautiful voice. Some of them want to make their career on media sector.