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Childrens Home Placement

Volunteers can stay at our own orphanage home for a week or more. Volunteer can join in children’s home as many months as they want.  We would really appreciate volunteer joining our own home for volunteering.
We ask volunteers to give their time commitment to offer children a stable, consistent environment and help carrying out different activities. It helps volunteer get a true understanding of the organization, the culture in Nepal and ideas of development going on in Nepal. You will be working at HORAC as a team and as a family member to HORAC.

The Organization: HORAC/Nepal

HORAC is a home with a great big family, feel to it.  It has a big home with separate rooms for girls and boys. We have a house mother, cooks/ Didis (female helpers)/cleaners. College students serve as dormitory monitors and afternoon tutors to help children with homework and, in return, have their board and lodging and college tuition paid.

The children are encouraged to assist in normal household duties so they will grow up to be responsible self-reliant youth and adults. Volunteer can help children be prepared to be responsible as self-reliant adults from any way. We hope children as a youth learn from the volunteers and they apply it to their real life. Help children make their foundation.

Our Projects

HORAC (Home for Rescue of the Afflicted Children) has its primary objective of providing the children's with us with a home of love and care where they can really feel safe secured and cared of.

Nowadays health care and medical services in the orphanage home are taken as a major concern subject.

As the title indicates, thisis a request to become a monthly sponsor forone of the children living in HORAC Nepal. We have 32 children in HORAC, and it is our goal to find a sponsor for each child.

Some of our children are very good in media sector. They can dance really beautiful and sing in a beautiful voice. Some of them want to make their career on media sector.