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    medical assistance for horac childern

    Medical Assistance For Horac Childern

    Nowadays health care and medical services in the orphanage home are taken as a major concern subject. A great deal of public attention has also been given to the gains in children’s health insurance coverage made in recent years. .For children, the right to health is vital because they are vulnerable beings, more at risk to illness and health complications. When children are spared from disease, they can grow into healthy adults, and in this way, contribute to the development of dynamic and productive societies.

    Although HORAC/Nepal is upmost to keep the children safe, accidents do occur. In such case having the resources to treat such on emergency would be extremely crucial. In addition we are non- profit organization run on small private donors and sponsors which makes hard to support children medical insurance and first aid equipment. In first aid we can treat accidents and symptoms that children might have but for more serious condition we are not financially equipped to support the treatment. However till the date our children are not seriously injured and we are able to provide the children good health care and safety to their life.

    In spite of these there are still many unmet needs in HORAC/Nepal regarding children health and medical care. With the funding HORAC/Nepal will be able to expand and improve its health related services to the children.

    Medical Assistance For Horac Childern