• Reg N0: 155700/073/074      

    S.W.C No: 44381

    children home


    HORAC has been carrying out different activities for the welfare of children since HORAC initiation in order to fulfill the primary objectives. Now, we have various children to comply with government standards of space, hygiene and care. (The children who left us have been placed in other orphanages with their agreement and in coordination with the child welfare council, government of Nepal).

    We have been giving home education to them by recruiting staffs and engaging one in the morning and another in the evening in two separate shifts. Our children have been studying in English Medium Schools, some of them are studying in Colleges and some are in University.

    Summary to Activities provided in our Children Home

    • Food and Accommodation Services
    • Parental love, care and protection
    • Family Atmosphere
    • Regular Health Checkups and Care
    • Schooling for the children
    • Recreation facilities such as music, dance, sports classes etc.
    • Educational Visits and Tour
    • Extra Tuition Classes
    • Skills and empowerment training 
    • Referral Services