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    Choose a child to sponsor whose story, interests, and circumstances resonate with you. By sponsoring a child, you get to watch the impact of your donation on that child. We stretch your dollar as far as possible to help lift both your child and the organization.

    Sholto Mactaggart

    United Kingdom

    Thank you so much for having me in your home. All the children were wonderful, very bright, talented and very funny. This home is filled with Love and... Read More

    Rocco Bates


    This is my first time to visit HORAC, everyone are very nice and the children was so lovely, so kind that impressive me a lot. For sure, I want to mak... Read More



    I am very much happy to get connected with HORAC. Horac is my family. I love all the kids and your wonderful work. I have visited HORAC several time a... Read More