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    volunteering fees

    Volunteering Fess

    We are a family style run orphanage with a strong commitment to ensuring a bright and positive future for our children. We believe that opening our doors to volunteers will expose the children to positive adult role models, language, culture, and love.

    Volunteering is not only the chance to help others; it is an opportunity to change your live and gain a new perspective. You will go home rich with new experience, skills and friendships. At HORAC Children Home you will experience the daily life of the children and staff in the Home and we welcome you to.

    Please find the cost of Program in below:-

    Program Cost:

    Duration of Stay

    Fees for per person

    Cost for 1 weeks 

    US$   100     (€   82)

    Cost for 2 weeks  

    US$   185     (€ 150)

    Cost for 3 weeks

    US$   260     (€ 210)

    Cost for 1 months  

    US$   335     (€ 270)

    Cost for 5 weeks 

    US$   395     (€ 320)

    Cost for 6 weeks

    US$   460     (€ 375)

    Cost for 7 weeks

    US$   520     (€ 425)

    Cost for 2 months

    US$   580     (€ 475)

    Cost for 10 weeks

    US$   690     (€ 565)

    Cost for 3 months

    US$   805     (€ 660)

    Cost for 14 weeks

    US$   910     (€ 745)

    Cost for 4 months

    US$ 1005     (€ 820)

    Cost for 18 weeks

    US$ 1095     (€ 895)

    Cost for 5 months

    US$ 1175     (€ 960)


    How to secure Volunteer position with HORAC/Nepal

    Apply Steps

    1. Complete the Application Form

    (Our staff will review your application and contact you shortly)

    2. Pay application fees or provide your flight details

    (This step is to secure your volunteer position with HORAC/Nepal)

    3. Information, Communication and Guidance

    (Information Exchange and Communication between Volunteers and our staff)

    4. Receive from Tribhuvan International Airport, Nepal

    (We will pick up you from the airport)

    The fees paid by the volunteer would be used to cover the cost of volunteer expenses in HORAC. Volunteer expenses includes Accommodation, fooding, internet, water, transportation and expense in project. The remaining fees go directly to HORAC and help support expenses such as House rent, educational materials, clothing and medical expenses. Among it, House Rent is the first priority and the project running in HORAC. 

    HORAC run under individual donations and program fees. As a volunteer you will be responsible for all travel costs including flights, extra food other than you get in HORAC (i.e. If you prefer to take the food cooked for the HORAC , you do not have to pay any additional sum of money) and spending money for the purpose of your own recreational activities.